The Best Laid Plans…

This morning I attended the weekly Small Business Roundtable, a meeting of local entrepreneurs in my county, sponsored by our local branch of the Small Business Center.

My husband has been going since the Roundtables started several years ago. I used to go with him from time to time, and for the past couple of years, I’ve been a regular myself.

I’ve got to give the folks at the Roundtable props. As far as they’ve been concerned, I have always been just another member of the group, someone whose entrepreneurial opinions and experiences are just as valid and worthy a contribution as those of anyone else in the room.

They’ve been a great resource for my husband in his small business, and very supportive of me as I’ve explored possibilities for either finding a job, or making a business of my own.

Frequently, the Roundtable is a moderated discussion, but this week we had a guest speaker from the Military Business Center, an organization that helps match North Carolina businesses with military and federal government contracts, and employees to those businesses.

I didn’t find much that I thought was directly applicable to me–though you just never know, do you?–but it was an interesting meeting nonetheless. Did you know that among the 50 US states, North Carolina has the third highest military population?

After the meeting, my husband drove me home, and I sat down to get to work. Ha!

I visited the MBC’s website, looked up some resources and composed an email on an unrelated topic  for someone I’d promised it to a while ago, and did not compose several other emails that need to go out. Attempted (with no luck) to look up an obscure bit of information. Remembered that I haven’t yet signed up for my next class through Hadley School for the Blind, though I finished the one I was taking quite a while ago.

Looked up a class I had bookmarked previously. Got distracted by the sample lesson posted online and an hour or so later, brain-fried and weary, staggered away from the computer to make lunch.

Made lunch. Ate lunch with my husband, home from the office. Decided to listen to an audiobook for just a bit before writing a blog post, tidying up a couple of other potential posts for another blog, scrounging up a writing sample for another potential gig, and responding to emails.

Fell asleep.

The best laid plans…

Luckily, I had a plan for dinner, even if I was running a tad late in the execution thereof.

I combined mushroom soup, mixed vegetables, cooked ground beef, and leftover carrots and potatoes from a pot roast dinner earlier in the week in the slow cooker. I stirred in some garlic, marjoram, and sage, then covered the mixture with mashed potatoes. About half an hour before we ate, my husband covered the potatoes with a layer of sliced cheese.

It turns out shepherd’s pie works pretty well in the slow cooker.

I was going to make a chopped tomato/basil/mozzarella salad to go with, but unfortunately the olive oil had gone off, so that didn’t work out so well. Can’t win ’em all.

And now, the dishes are washed, this post is–nearly–written, and tomorrow’s to-do list has written itself…

Good night, Internet.


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