I was on a quest to find a way to create subheadings for my posts when I stumbled across an interesting tidbit.

I knew that WordPress has two ways to enter posts, the Visual editor and the Text editor. But did you know that the Text editor used to have another name? It was the HTML editor.

The. HTML. Editor.

As in, an editor that uses HTML tags instead of icons or keystrokes to format text? Why, yes, exactly.

This means that instead of futzing around with keyboard commands and then checking the post to see whether they worked and then running back to the editor to fix what didn’t, I can type commands into angle brackets–a thing my computer and I can actually “see”–and the post will come out the way I intend.


I have a chummy, if slightly superficial, relationship with HTML. I can’t remember when we first met, but over the years, we’ve run into one another time and again. on message boards, in comment sections, and in various other spaces around the Web.

I’ve used bold and italic tags so often that my fingers type them almost automatically. I’ve used line breaks and blockquotes less frequently, but often enough that I’m sure they’ll come back. Same with font color and size, though I can’t imagine why I might want them in a basic blog. Headers? Sure!

I’ve forgotten most of what I know about creating links, but I know enough to know what to go looking for, and Google is my friend. Lists and images? I’ll get there.

Of course, knowledge comes at a price. I’ve piddled away far more time this afternoon bouncing around the web looking for HTML tutorials than I really should have.

Ah, well. Working on my blog has just gotten a whole lot simpler.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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