Doing what I can do, Little Though it Seems

So I didn’t post Wednesday, and then I didn’t make it up yesterday, either. Bad blogger! No biscuit!

Honestly, it’s been a rough week.

First, I’ve been really, really tired. It could be because my health care provider changed my blood pressure meds, eliminating one and upping another, and my body’s been adjusting to the switch. It could be that I’ve been spending more time researching and (trying to) write on the computer, and my brain is in need of a break. It could be just general busyness and stress. Or it could be a combination of some or all of those.

It looks like August is going to be one of *those* months. We had the usual slow spell this spring, and now work has picked up to where MrH has as much work–or more!–than he can stand. It’s the nature of self-employment.

But he also has a pinched nerve or something in his back, and though it’s being treated, he’s frequently in a lot of pain. This limits how many hours of production he can put in, no matter how much work there is waiting.

And me? Well, I’m doing what I can. Planning meals and keeping grocery expenses low. Helping sort what needs to be paid when, so we’re not hit with late fees. Trying to turn my writing into an income.

But if I’m going to max out with this blog and a couple of staff posts a month, that’s not going to save us. I feel like I need to push myself more, and every time I push myself more, I wind up burning out.

The situation feels precarious, and I feel mostly responsible, and I hate it that I can’t just fix it already!

I wish I could go out and get a job, any job, even thirty hours a week flipping burgers. But, a) I’m not sure how many such jobs could be made accessible for me–and how many employers would be willing to try; and, b) I don’t know that my body could take it.

Doing the Things I Can Do

On a happier note, I got a lot done around the house yesterday.

When MrH was home for lunch, we went through the refrigerator and cleaned out a bunch of leftovers. We ate the things that were still good, but had to throw away a bunch of vegetables. That irritated me, because I would have eaten them, or frozen them for soup, if I’d only known what was there and which containers they were in.

Once again, MrH and I agreed that we need a better system for tracking leftovers. Once again, we agreed that we have no idea what that system’s going to look like.

Besides umpteen storage containers to wash, clearing out the fridge also gave me some room to spare. I promptly filled part of that with two gallons of iced tea.

In the process of doing that, I matched all my gallon jugs and lids, then sorted out a single type to use and stored the others in the cooler where we keep emergency drinking water. Unfortunately, I kept the jugs that leak when I shake them to mix in the sugar. May have to revisit that decision!

I wrote about 750 words of story, which I may or may not keep.

MrH and our younger son went out and bought cat litter, so before bed I emptied the two big litter pans, scrubbed them thoroughly, dried them, and refilled them with nice, fresh litter.

The third pan needs to be replaced, so I left that one alone. My hope is to handle it next payday and avoid scrubbing it altogether.

What’s On for the Weekend

Tomorrow a group of us are going to dress up and enjoy the town of Beaufort’s Pirate Invasion. We’ll be promoting the local group of the Society for Creative Anachronism–“Hey, we dress in funny clothes all year ’round!”–but mainly just being there and having a good time. I’ll see if MrH can get pictures–and yes, I still need to learn how to post them!

Sunday we’ll probably be resting up, unless MrH has to work, and we’ll probably be doing some grocery shopping and laundry. Yes, we lead exciting lives!

Next week…hopefully, some posts with a little more substance. 😉


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