Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

As I mentioned in my post on kitchen organization, leftovers are one of the things I haven’t found a good way to keep track of. Unfortunately, this sometimes has unfortunate consequences, like having to throw away food because it got forgotten and went bad.

Food waste is hardly a new problem, but it seems to be a growing one. Researchers estimate that household food waste has increased by 50% since the 1970s.

To learn more about the problem, and some helpful advice for reducing food waste, you can hop over to my staff post at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, Food Waste–Leaving Money on the Table.

Crystal’s got some great posts about frugal living, entrepreneurship, and life in general, so be sure to take some time to look around while you’re there!


In other news, I was a busy blind chick yesterday.

In the morning, MrH and I went to the Small Business Roundtable, where we all discussed setting SMART goals–goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable (or Relevant) and Timely.

The discussion reminded me that I really need to set some goals around what I need and want to get done, and as always, I walked away feeling that I’d gained a fresh bit of perspective.

In the evening, we went to a free class on Social Media Marketing offered through the community college’s Small Business Center.

The instructor gave an overview of FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkdIn, YouTube, and, very briefly, blogging.

I’d heard of all of these, but it was very helpful to get an overview of each, and the instructor had a lot of statistics on the number of users of each platform and some of their demographics. (Did you know that 80% of Pinterest users are women? Or that 77% of people who use the internet read blogs? I didn’t, until last night! What’s really amazing are the sheer number of posts to most of these sites and the amount of information being shared.)

The SBC also offers classes on using some of the social media platforms. MrH and I signed up for the introductory FaceBook class, so maybe I’ll finally learn what to do with the profile I set up and have since neglected! lol

Wish me luck, because I’m going to need it!

The class didn’t let out until 9:00, and MrH’s back and arm were really hurting. So we stopped on the way home and grabbed a quick meal at Waffle House, pretty much the only place open at that time of night that wasn’t fast food.

I was tired afterward, but it was a great feeling to get out of the house and do something a little different. I’m looking forward to doing it again.


2 thoughts on “Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

  1. Another great reason to join the NC Blogger Network. You can ask all the questions you’ve got floating around in your head about all those social media sites. The NCBN members are a fanstastic resource and the group is private so everyone on Facebook won’t see what you’re asking about.

    Hope you’ll join us!


    1. Ah, yes…but I’m not sure I’m ready to face one more learning curve… ;> You all might get fed up with my bumbling and throw me out on my virtual ear!

      I had a great time at the Crystal Coast Geek Breakfast this morning! Looking forward to seeing everyone again in October.


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