A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Well, I’ve done it again. Last week was jam-packed. A bunch of writing Monday. Writer’s group and a visit to a friend’s house Tuesday. Small Business Roundtable Wednesday, plus getting lost in the rain.

Thursday MrH and I attended Transportation Impact’s annual Small Business Forum, which was very inspirational. We left feeling a renewed commitment to MrH’s small business, and mulling over ideas to revitalize it.

That night we went to a free class, “FaceBook for Your Business”. He got a lot out of the class, but I really need the “FaceBook for Dummies” class, because I’m not even good enough at FaceBook to navigate to the pages our instructor was talking about.

Friday I was too wiped out to do much of anything, including post a Friday Funny.

The weekend was quiet. Too quiet, as we’d hoped to go to an SCA event but MrH had an emergency project come up.

This may have been good news in disguise, as the emergency project commanded emergency rates, and MrH made a new contact who might just become a new client.

I spent the weekend and Monday working on a staff post for Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. I think I’ve finally got it hammered out–I’ll give it a final pass tonight and send it off.

And here it is Tuesday, and I’m just putting up my first post for the week.

Honestly, some days I’m just not sure what to post about. I feel like I lead a pretty dull life.

I get up in the morning, check email, surf the ‘net, read a few blogs. I read and critique fellow writers’ work and writea few things of my own.

I read audiobooks, and sometimes I sit at the computer and read ebooks we’ve converted to .rtf format. Sometimes I have opinions about them.

I’ve got a few crafts and hobbies I like to do, and miss a few that I used to do.

I do laundry, wash dishes, and sometimes cook.

Sometimes I go places and talk to people.

And that’s more or less it.

It doesn’t always leave me with much to write about. I do have a few opinion pieces I’d like to hammer out and post, but I don’t like to post those too often, lest folks get tired of reading them.

So I’m throwing it open to you. What would you like to see, or see more of? Anything you’d like to see less of? Any questions you’ve always wanted to ask about a day in the life of a blind person? I can’t speak for all blind people, but I’m happy to give my perspective on (most) things I’ve experienced or done. Feel free to fire away in the comments!


2 thoughts on “A Day Late and a Dollar Short

  1. Thanks for coming out to the workshop! It was great having you and I’m looking forward to the Intermediate workshop in October. Don’t forget to request a blogging workshop too. I’d love to have that on the schedule. 🙂


    1. I think I was way underqualified for the FaceBook class, but MrH got a lot out of it. I think I’ll just send him to the next one. Great idea about the blogging class, though! I wonder who they might be able to find to teach it… ;>

      Thanks for dropping by, and for leaving a comment!


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