Dealing With Life’s Downers

One of the difficult things for me about blindness is the way it makes things I used to do just a little bit harder. Things like going places independently or reading my mail.

And things like earning money and riding herd on the family budget.

I’ve got a staff post about that up over at my friend Crystal’s blog, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff So if you’re up to listening to me whine about never quite being able to catch a break, or at least not one that lasts, hop over to “When Does It End?”.

While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of Crystal’s blog. She’s got a lot of great advice about money, entrepreneurship, blogging, and a host of other topics. Plus, she’s just really fun to read!

As I mention in the comments there, things are looking up a little since I wrote the post. Work has picked up a bit for MrH, and we’re exploring some options for him to pursue in his downtime. I’m working on finding paying writing gigs, and on balancing them so I don’t drop any balls!

I’m also looking into the possibility of selling my crafts, probably online. If anyone knows a good basic tutorial for getting started on Etsy, preferably free and online, I’m all ears!

Have you had one of those moments when everything seemed to be going downhill and all you wanted to do was whine? Did you manage to get past it? What helped you pull through?


2 thoughts on “Dealing With Life’s Downers

  1. Yesterday was a downer. Could not find needed receipts for a rebate, found the end cap of my stove missing, had a dog so sick just from eating a rather expensive Kong treat he needed to go out every hour, could not find the password for my pre-paid phone (which needed a payment because of a credit card error), and I just was so frustrated.
    . Tore up the house looking for the receipts and found the end cap for the stove. Gave the dog some rice and medicine, thought about contacting Kong, and then stopped for a lunch prepared by my daughter, bless her. So then she helped me find my receipts, bring in plants during a down pour, and she submitted the rebate for me while I took care of other problems.
    It really helps to get help sometimes, even if that too is frustrating. The day really turned around, now for today, sigh.


    1. Oh, man! Definitely a downer! I’m glad your daughter was there to help turn it around.

      It really does help to have friends and family to turn to, even if all they can do is offer a pat on the back and assure you it’ll get better. I feel bad complaining about my situation, because I know there are people a lot worse off than I am. But sometimes it helps to have your moment! lol

      I also feel better if I can help someone else out and make them feel better about something in their life. I can’t remember who said it, maybe Robert Heinlein, but “Sorrows shared are sorrows halved; joys shared are joys doubled.” has always seemed about right to me.


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