Friday Funny: A Knock at the Door

Okay, gang, one from my own experience this time. You know, a funny thing about blind people is that we really don’t stand out from sighted folks. Oh, there may be tells, but by and large, without the white cane, we look just like everybody else…


For some reason, we get a lot of misdirected mail at our house. Some of it is addressed to a different house number in our neighborhood, and some of it has our number, but the name of someone we’ve never heard of. Occasionally we get packages, and once in a while someone random comes knocking on our door, looking for someone who doesn’t live here, or at least, hasn’t for quite a while.

One day shortly after I lost my eyesight, there was a knock on the door. I slipped on my darkk glasses and answered it.

“Is So-and-so here?” a man asked, sounding rather official. I got the impression he was reading the name off of something.

I stepped out on the porch, sans cane, and explained that we were the H family, had lived here for several years, and that I’d never heard of the So-and-sos. The landlord might know which lot they lived on, I suggested.

He thanked me and turned to go.

He didn’t sound like our regular mail carrier, and it was a bit early for the mail to run, so I asked, out of curiosity, “Are you with UPS or Federal Express?”

“No, ma’am,” he answered. “I’m with the Sheriff’s office.”


Yeah, the uniform and the car might have given that away to most people, eh?

Naturally, it didn’t occur to me at the time to explain. I’ve often wondered what he told the rest of the folks at the Sheriff’s office about the clueless lady he’d run into that morning.


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