Friday Funny: The Octopus Jig

I know, it’s Saturday. MrH and I spent most of yesterday afternoon running errands, and we were both wiped out by the time we were done. So I’m running a little behind.

This is kind of an odd funny to post here, because it’s very visual. But I have reasons!

  • First, I may or may not be a little infatuated with The Dubliners. This video was always a favorite, and just listening to it brings back fond memories.
  • Second, I wanted to learn to embed a video into the blog, and this seemed like a good place to start.
  • Third, I think many of my current readers are sighted. For those who aren’t, I’ll post a description below the video.
  • Did I mention an infatuation with The Dubliners?

In case the embedding doesn’t work, you can visit the video on YouTube here:

Okay, here goes…


The Dubliners are all Irish men with bushy hair and full beards.

Luke Kelly introduces the segment.

Barney McKenna is seated in a chair holding his banjo, and John Sheahan stands behind him, holding his violin.

The two switch hands so that John is bowing the fiddle and fingering the banjo, and Barney is plucking the banjo and fingering the violin. They play two rounds of the jig.

Near the end of the second round, Ciaran Bourke approaches, holding a pennywhistle. He meets John’s eyes and they nod to one another. Ciaran holds the flute to John’s lips, fingering the notes while John blows into the whistle. Meanwhile, John and Barney continue to play the violin and banjo as before. The three play two rounds of the jig together.

Near the end of the second round, Luke approaches, holding a small plastic glass of amber liquid. He meets Ciaran’s eyes and they nod to one another. Luke holds the glass to Ciaran’s lips. Ciaran drinks the liquid while he, John, and Barney continue to play another two rounds of the jig.

They finish with a flourish to much applause. Luke thrusts the glass upward in a toast, while Ciaran rubs his belly and calls for an Encore.


I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did! Have a great rest of the weekend, and I’ll see you Monday.


2 thoughts on “Friday Funny: The Octopus Jig

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! (And that it worked!) One thing I’ve always enjoyed about the Dubliners is that they didn’t take themselves too seriously, and that they had fun with their music.


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