Friday Funny: That’s Mean!

I may have to stop doing the Friday Funnies, or at least slow down on them a bit. It took me a while to come up with one this time around.

I think I’ve mentioned before that our kids sometimes give me a good-natured hard time about my blindness, and that we encourage that. My vision loss is just a part of the landscape around here, and I’d rather we were all able to have a good laugh about it than pussyfoot around the issue.

For context, they were about 19 and 21 when this took place.


So we were eating out one night, and I got some food on my hands. I asked someone to hand me a napkin. My younger son pulled a couple out of the dispenser, which happened to be right beside me, and helpfully pointed out that fact.

“I’m sorry,” I deadpanned. “I didn’t see them there.”

“To be fair, Mom,” he teased, “you can’t see anything on the table.”

I pretended to ignore him and went on eating.

Naturally, our older son had to get in on the act. “Yeah, Mom. You can’t see anything on the table.”

Well, both of them ganging up on me was just too much to let pass, so I turned to him in mock indignation. “Look, you…”

And without missing a beat, the younger son – you know, the instigator who’d started it all – turned to him and said in a voice dripping with concern and reproach, “Yeah, [Brother], that’s mean.”

I couldn’t ask for better children.


2 thoughts on “Friday Funny: That’s Mean!

  1. Well, maybe he felt remorse. Glad you managed to deadpan it, though. It’s a good lesson for them to find humor in any situation, while still acknowledging the suckiness of it all. Suckiness, of course, being the technical term.


    1. Oh, he knew exactly what he was doing, the little devil. (I say “little,” but he was 19 at the time…) I said recently that he likes to get under his brother’s skin, and he corrected me. “I like to find *creative* ways to get under my brother’s skin.” But they would never do it to be hurtful, or tease me when I was really feeling down.

      I don’t know if I’d say blindness sucks. I mean, it was a heck of an adjustment, and it’s really inconvenient sometimes. But mostly, it just is. (Brain tumors, now – those suck. I wouldn’t wish one on my worst enemy!)


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