Hey! I Made it Onto FaceBook! (A Little, Anyway…)

I’ve never had a particularly close relationship with FaceBook.

I made a profile many years ago, so long ago that I actually filled out a list of hobbies, favorite authors, and the like. And then it sat.

I’d check it every so often – maybe once or twice a year – but never really did anything with it. Eventually I added a couple of friends, an old high school classmate and someone I’d known in college.

And then Bob the Brain Tumor whispered that it was a privacy risk (which it totally is) and I deleted the account.

But these days everyone communicates via FaceBook. Businesses communicate via FaceBook. Groups communicate via FaceBook. Some days it feels like the whole web has migrated to FaceBook.

Some people still don’t have FaceBook. Heck, some people still don’t have internet. But if you don’t, you’re missing out on a lot of information.

Earlier this year, or perhaps late last year, I created a new account.

An Epic Boondogle

I understand that FaceBook is difficult to navigate when you can see what you’re doing. If you’re navigating blind, it can be darn near unfathomable.

It’s hard to tell what’s where, what’s grouped together, and how different links work. I’m sure there’s a system to it, but without knowing the system, things seem to come and go at random.

Frequently, I’d find one thing, move on and click another thing, and be unable to find my way back to the first.

I did accept a couple of friend requests, and joined a group bia an invite someone sent me, but by and large, I more stumbled into those things than actually accomplished them.

I thought seriously about deleting the account again.

Mobile FaceBook for the Win

While I was at the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind, my computer teacher, Ms. B, suggested using the mobile FaceBook application (m.facebook.com) instead of the web-based version (www.facebook.com).

I tried it once early on, but since I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t get much out of it. I went back to the web-based version.

This weekend, for no real reason, I decided to try again.

This time, the difference was night and day.

There were a few simple menus, and they stayed put. If I opened Friends, or Groups, or Notifications, I could still find my way over to Messages and back to my Main page.


Over the past week or so, I’ve managed to:

  • Find and send friend requests to some people I know
  • read and respond to messages
  • read notifications
  • post on my timeline
  • fill in more of my profile
  • find the group I’m in and read messages there
  • add a profile picture
  • find a group event and respond that I was attending

At this point, I’d say I know just about enough about how FaceBook works to be dangerous.

I’m still not sure how I stumbled into a few of those things, or that I could repeat do any of them again. There are things I still haven’t figured out.

  • Responding to replies on my timeline took me away from the timeline, and I wasn’t easily able to find my way back.
  • I found another group and liked it, but couldn’t figure out how to join.
  • I couldn’t figure out how to keep up with group messages, beyond reading the few most recently posted.
  • When there are multiple accounts with the same name, I have a hard time figuring out which, if any, is the one I want – especially without visuals.
  • I don’t know how to keep up with individual friends, especially ones who post often. FaceBook just moves way too fast!
  • And about a million other things I’m still too new to know I don’t know.

But I’m there. And I’ll learn. I just hope no one sends me invites to play games, because I am not even ready for that learning curve!

Are you on FaceBook? Did it take you a long time to learn how to use it? Do you enjoy it, or is it an incredible time sink?


4 thoughts on “Hey! I Made it Onto FaceBook! (A Little, Anyway…)

  1. Years ago I had FB account or two. I deleted them. Time consuming and having a hard time not helping others whom game, along with privacy issues just turned me off. You can link to an email account and get your messages from there. You have to request invites sometimes to get into some groups, there used to be a header tab for that on the group page.
    I am sure someone will give you a tour if you ask, lol. I wish major institutions and news channels did not require social media membership before allowing comments or even entry to their sites, but it saves me a lot of time not participating. I took photos of some spoonbills and walked around our neighborhood parks thinking I should post stuff on the city facebook account, but decided it just isn’t worth the effort. Good Luck, I am sure you will figure it all out right before they change everything again.


    1. Ha, yes! I don’t know what I’ll do when people start inviting me to play games…

      And it seems that everyplace now wants you to log in with FaceBook, or only sends out updates through FaceBook…

      Your walk sounds lovely!


    1. Oops. Too late for me! My extended family and friends of friends have discovered me…kind of nice being in touch with some of my cousins, though.

      I’m still making entertaining missteps. The other day, I tried to look at someone’s profile and accidentally sent him a friend request. I *think* he’s dating one of my nieces or cousins. He accepted, at any rate, so I suppose it would be awkward to unfriend him.

      And I finally accepted friend requests from two guys whose names I didn’t recognize. Sent a message saying, essentially, “Hi! Do we know each other?” One wrote back, “I don’t think we’ve ever met in person, but FaceBook suggested you.” 😀 😀 😀 Okay, sure. No problem.

      I took the tack of assuming I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the feed, so the fact that I can’t isn’t really an issue. Wish I could see some of the pics, though.


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