Update on The Irish Music Concert: Now There’s Video!

Unbelievable. I tried to edit my previous post, but WordPress opened the editor in the wrong mode, so that my html tags didn’t work. I closed the window and tried again, and now it’s giving me a dialogue I can’t read or seem to get past. Because WordPress.

But on to more exciting news: There’s video!

I linked to my post on FaceBook, and Simon replied:

It’s on YouTube! Here is a message from videographer James Gemmill: It’s posted. Currently at 360p, it’ll take a few hours before it’s ready in 4K:

So now you can not only hear what songs were played, you can hear them played–and see the trio in action.


[Hmm. I just previewed my post. Apparently I didn’t just link to the video; I embedded the video. So you can watch it here or on YouTube. :)]


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