About Me

I’ve always considered myself a fairly ordinary person. A bit odd, to be sure, but nothing particularly unusual.

After a series of crises beginning in the mid-2000s, my physical and mental health began to deteriorate, which took a toll on my relationships and the people around me.

In early 2013, my vision began to decline rapidly. I’m glad our eye doctor was on the ball, because the day I finally agreed to see him, he sent me for testing that revealed a massive tumor pressing on the front of my brain and strangling my optic nerve.

The tumor was removed, but not before it nearly destroyed my optic nerve. Today I’m almost completely blind, though I can detect movement and a bit of contrast with my right eye.

I still consider myself a fairly ordinary person.

I’m working to make a career as a writer, using special software that reads me the text on the computer screen. I like to think I do my fair share of housework and chores, and I love to cook.

My husband and I share our home with our two grown sons and three cats. I have hobbies and friends and activities I enjoy. Transportation is sometimes a stumbling block, as it is for so many blind people, but I’m determined to get out and around as best I can.

This blog is about just that: Me, living my life, with all its ups and downs.

I’m pretty open about living with blindness and generally happy to answer questions, though I reserve the right to reject any I think are too personal.

I certainly don’t speak for every blind or visually impaired person, or for any blind or visually impaired person other than myself. I’m not an expert by any means, and if you or someone you know are dealing with vision loss, I encourage you to seek professional resources to learn from.

I’m glad you stopped by, and I hope you’ll stick around. :)I’ve got a lot of living left to do.


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